I'm Laura!  At heart, I'm a small town girl who was raised by a traditional Southern Mom. You know the type!  The Southern Mom who has you polish silver and makes you practice folding napkins.  The Mom who teaches you about bone china.  The Mom who writes elegantly and makes you wish you were a beautiful lady with excellent penmanship.

Luckily for me, I excelled at learning the last one!  For years I've spent several hours each day honing the craft of fine writing.  My hometown, Halifax, was instrumental in leading America to independence.  When practicing my craft, I like to think of the men who sat by candlelight penning the letters of the Halifax Resolves.

As you can tell, craftsmanship and tradition have been woven into my DNA. I'm a traditional script calligrapher who utilizes classic letter formation and elegant flourishes to craft paper goods that are as functional as they are beautiful.  

It is my hope that you will take an opportunity to hold these products and to witness firsthand the art form that is calligraphy.