Tripp/Spivey Rose Hill Plantation Wedding

I don't think I could really bring everyone up to speed if I didn't share a bit about my wedding. So here we go.... 

From the start, we knew we wanted a big southern wedding filled with meaningful details. We wanted the ceremony to be at my home church and then we wanted the biggest party for all of our friends and family. Okay. So no stress, right? Hahahaha! Somehow after the many "joys" of wedding planning, we were blessed with just that! I will say that it was kinda perfect. I can't think back on it without getting a silly little grin on my face.

Everything had a purpose. Even the things we didn't plan on having a purpose did. There are three things in particular I'll always treasure about our wedding.

  1. I wasn't very happy with my options for wedding invitations and stationery. So, I began my calligraphy company. How perfect it is that two amazing chapters of my life started at once. Some days, I still feel like a bride when I'm crafting for a client. I will never take for granted the joy and excitement that each wedding holds.  
  2. Honestly, the dream veil for my dress wasn't going to work out. My mom came up with the best idea ever and gave me a veiling. We had the ladies who had been a large part of my and Will's life create little blossoms, initial them, and sew them on my veil. When I walked down the aisle, every woman was with me. It's a treasured keepsake I'll hold onto forever. 
  3. We did get our big party! Y'all, it was so amazing!! Everyone danced the whole night. I kid you not. The last song was "Free Bird".  Of course someone took their phone and acted like it was a lighter. Even better, someone grabbed a votive candle off a table, then everyone did. Will and I got to dance at a big old southern plantation in a sea of candle light with all our friends and family around us. Our band tore it up and it couldn't have been more perfect!!!   

Getting ready, walking down the isle, the toast that makes you cry. All the perfect moments you'd expect to happen did. To all the brides reading this, don't lose sleep about the things that are stressing you out. Somehow it all works out. I promise!  

Church: Lakeside Baptist

Venue: Rose Hill Plantation

Photography: Hazelnut Photography

Dress: Maggi Bridal

Band: DarkWater Redemption

Calligraphy and Stationery: Laurel Calligraphy

Personal Flowers: Your Perfect Day