A date with cake...


I can't say enough about the love I have for the community of vendors I'm a part of. Everyday I work with vendors who are pursuing their passion and living their dreams! How amazing is that y'all?!?! Sometimes those dreams are spending an entire day with cake! You may have an inner voice that is screaming LET ME FREE!! Me too darling! Not only are these cakes beautiful but they taste amazing.  Kristian is the strong mamapreneur behind Love Cake and was glamorously pampered by Wendy and Nancy for the shoot. Emily and Caroline beautifully made Kristina's vision come to life. And y'all, some of these flowers are hand made by Maira. Can you believe it?!? As a true photographer, Colleen captured the whole day with style! It was so much fun to calligraph each tag with fully flourished calligraphy that was as playful as it was elegant.  So I'm just going to leave this eye candy here for your enjoyment....

Sarah Chung with The Matthews House in Cary
Colleen Winstead with Colleen Mathias Photography
Emily Meisner Thomas with Emily Katherine Events
Caroline Jessup Cash with The Prettiest Pieces
Maira N Ray Cruz with Constantly Bloom
Laura Victoria Tripp Spivey with Laurel Calligraphy
*Nancy Bolen with Makeup With Nancy
*Wendy Kurczak Darby with Wendy's Gems, Grow with me